Friday, January 27, 2012

Hoot hoot

Just a quick hoot to say we are still here...even if I haven't blogged for a while.
So here's a quick list of news:

1. Henrik has started at school nursery and loves it. The funniest thing is when he comes home with a new word that he has heard but hasn't got a glue what it means...resent examples being bored (he knows it's something negative and used it when I asked him to take a toy upstairs to his room only leaving me in fits of giggles) and shocked and disappointed (a kid in reception had bit an other kid so the teachers took the opportunity to remonstrate biting and told the nursery kids how shocked and disappointed they were)

2. Allotment is looking pretty good. Little bit of weeding to do and some shed repairs and then we are ready for our second summer as allotmenteers

3. PhD is getting closer to the end. Three months of hard work and then it will be handed in...and I'll be waiting for my viva (oral examination)

4. Henrik is still asking why, why, why...two years on...latest why was 'Why did God create the world so big' - he is definitely a thinker and daddy's answer, because God wanted to did not seem to satisfy him

5. The curiosity also extend to signs of all shape and size - I know the signs from here to school and back by heart now

6. But we are moving onto car makes so there is light at the end of the tunnel...he remembers mini and volvo so far

7. My sister got me interested in pinterest - I am looking forwards to the summer holiday with no PhD and time at my hands to do crafts...