Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rock pools

We went to the beach yesterday with some friends. The weather was really blustery and their was chill in the air but we had fun. Henrik enjoyed drawing pictures on the wet sand with a stick. The tide was low so we explored the rock pools. We found an amazing little sponge, perfect round shape. But what we were really after was hermit crabs and we werent' disappointed. Henrik was fascinated by the claws peeping out of the shell.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Long time - no blog

Well, this is scandalous, more than six months since the last blog! My apologies.
What has happened? Hmmm...we've got a cat called Bracken, burmese that we re-homed. We've got an allotment in January and have been busy building raised beds and doing lots of digging.

Last weekend was the annual scarecrow competition on the allotment, theme was the guests in the royal wedding. We made Prince Harry and won to much of my surprise. Henrik hasn't stopped saying 'mummy is the winner since'. The great prize was a commemorative royal wedding biscuit tin and box of chocolates - not bad, I thought it might have been just fame and glory or if I was lucky some seeds ;)

PhD is plodding on. In the midst of writing up so my daily target is writing 1000 words on the days I'm in uni. So it is starting to look like there will be light int he end of the tunnel. Maybe this time next year it will be all done and dusted if all goes to plan.