Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Hello hello

The sun is shining. Henrik and I had a lovely morning on the beach wiht Rachel, Lily & Oscar. Only it was quite cloudy while we sat down and had our lunch...very chilly. But after we'd eaten we spent a jolly hour climbing around the rocks and rockpools on the beach. On the way home we stopped for ice cream on the sea front. It's fun living 5 minutes walk away from the beach :)

We are still diying in the kitchen. Last weekend we painted most of the walls white. Now we just need to finish painting the cupboards at the bottom and sort out the top cupboards and then paint them. So we are slowly getting there.

Henrik is chatting much more now. Very happily mixing finnish and english together. One night after we'd read his bedtime story we could hear him chatting to himself about a big big juna (train). He is still loving nursery as well which is good. He's made little friends there and when we drop him of or pick him up he points some of them out to us and tell their names to us.

We are off to the beach in the evening as well with the young people. The tide is high but hopefully it by the time we've munched a portion of chips it will have gone down enough for us to play some games and run around.

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