Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Time flies - still

Time does fly, it's ages since I wrote in the blog last - I blame facebook. Anyway, here we go. So no posts in March. Disaster. I had my 30th. I had my 3rd annual assessment for my PhD progress. So lots of things happened. I passed my assessment and had a lovely birthday too. We did go to the theatre as well at some point since the last post, Oh, what a lovely war in the Northern Stage. It was brilliant. We were both just at awe of the talent the actors and actresses had.

My sister Eeva got married too so we've been across the Atlantic. Henrik is becoming a little globe trotter, twice in US in the last 8 months. The wedding was lovely and we had a great time spending time with Bailey and his family and getting to know them.

We've also started doing 'Loving your kids on purpose' course at church which has been good but very challenging to some people. I love it. It works on Henrik which is even better and it even works on me. It's all about teaching the child to manage their freedom and make good choices. You can buy the book on amazon and I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone with kids or without kids. Danny Silk is officially my new hero.

Anyway, I've got plenty of reading to do, I had a productive day at uni yesterday and found lots of good articles to I just have to get on and read them all! Henrik is having his nap so I am planning to take advantage of the quiet moment, just after I've finished writing this :)