Monday, February 01, 2010

New year

Time has flown and I've managed to go through the whole of January without writing a one single blog...terrible! Well, where shall I start?

We've had snow. Lots of snow. Twice. Henrik loves it. Last weekend the weather forecast was for few odd snowflakes but much to our delight we had 12cm/4in of snow when we woke up on Saturday morning. 'Big snow' was Henrik's comment. So we phoned up the local outdoor shop the moment they opened and reserved a toboggan and went and picked it up an hour later (by which time he had sold all the 57 toboggans he had in store and said that he could have sold antoher 20). We spent a jolly morning toboggan and larking around in the snow with our brand new bright green toboggan.

Big is definitely the in word with our young sir. On Friday night we went to ikea to pick up some legs for a kitchen base cabinet/carcass, it was a clear night with a full moon so the commentry from the back seat was 'big moon' 'tahti' (star) 'big, big moon' 'tahti' for most of the drive there. He is into making planes and rockets out of stick-a-bricks at the moment and this mornings creation was a 'big, big, geen (green) rocket'.

Another cute thing Henrik says at the moment is 'jingle bang' - chitty chitty bang bang!!!

Anyway, this is a start for a new year, will be back soon. Most likely with some more cute words by Henrik...

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