Monday, December 14, 2009

Busy busy

Everything has suddenly got really busy and I've hardly had time to sit down and check my emails - let alone write a blog! I've got lots of things to do for uni before Christmas so I am trying to work on those in the evenings whenever I can.

We went and got a christmas tree last weekend from Chopwell woods, half way there we realised we didn't have our wellies with us but it wasn't as muddy as last year so our shoes survived. It's funny to have the tree decorated and all before Christmas eve. We had people from church over for mulled wine and some christmas cakes etc yesterday so if it hadn't been for that I would have wanted to wait until next weekend before getting the tree but it was nice to have the tree for everyone to see.

Henrik loves pulling the baubles off the tree, I am yet to discover a successful technique in stopping him so at the moment all the fragile decorations are on the top branches and towards the bottom are the less fragile ones.

Some one brought along a box of chocolates yesterday and had some. His tastebuds have been awakened to the taste of good things now and this morning when I gave him his bowl of porridge he pushed it away saying 'more chocolate, more chocolate'...

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