Friday, August 28, 2009

Time flies

Time does fly, it's the end of August already. Henrik will be two in two weeks from next Monday and David just had his 30th last Sunday! Can't believe Henrik is already two! I can't believe David is 30 either!!! We were 19 when we met...

We had a lovely weekend celebrating David's birthday. Ol(iver) and Becky & Amy came up for the weekend. On Saturday night we cooked a sea food paella on a bbq with lobster and everything. We also discovered that it is not good to put the lobster in too deep water...On Sunday we had everyone from church around for cakes and buns. I'd baked little bit everyday for the last couple of weeks so we had plenty of cakes which is good as we had 50+ people around. Lots of fun and lots of washing up - thank God for dishwashers :)

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