Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My mind seems to be on break and I can't seem to even think of a title for this blog! Never mind. We've had the kitchen/dining room floor sanded over the last couple of days and the front room is looking like a bedsit with the dining table and fridge there. Hopefully tonight we can put stuff back into the room which should be good. Now we just need to get some lovely finnish rag rugs for the floor and I'll be all cosy :)

We had a lovely week in Finland. We've been back for a week or so and the weather hasn't been the best but at least we feel like we've had summer after having a nice sunny week in Finland. We spent sometime in the cottage with my parents and two of my sisters which was wonderful and then we were in Helsinki for rest of the time. We didn't actually do that much at all, just enjoyed the sunshine and sat in parks and watched Henrik run around.

Henrik loved going to Finland, airports, planes, trams, trains, boats, metros...what more could a little toddler ask for...oh and he had lots of blueberries and strawberries too - I think having my sisters pick blueberries for him was definitely one of his favourite parts of holiday!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Summer fun

Well, we've finally had some summer weather. Hot, sunny and wonderful. Henrik loves teh water. We've had his tiny paddling pool in the garden for the last couple of days and he has spent long time watering the plants using the water from the paddling pool with the help of a little cup or just generally splashing about.