Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where is the sun?

It has been funny weather today. Mainly raining but then every now and then it clears up and makes you think it is going to be lovely for rest of the day but then the rain starts again. We've been a bit under the weather last couple of days. Henrik picked up tummy bug from somewhere and was sick Thursday night so we didn't get much sleep and are feeling very tired but have managed to resist getting the tummy bug so far.

We got a little kids brio train set for Henrik when we were in Liverpool. Henrik absolutely loves it. Nathan came to play with him on Thursday and we had an incident...before Henrik has been very happy for Nathan to play with any of his toys, even the ones Henrik was playing with but now he was not impressed. There are four carriages in the train set which would logically be two each but now Henrik wanted all of them! So it all ended in tears with Henrik throwing one of the carriages at Nathan and with superb aim manage to hit Nathan squarely on the head so we had Henrik crying because I'd told him that he can't throw toys at people and Nathan crying because he had just had a train land on his head. Nice relaxing afternoon playtime ;)

Here is one more picture from camping. Henrik playing on the beach at the last campsite where we stayed.

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