Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday's thoughts

There are still more camping photos to come. They just need some sorting first, we took 839 photos in a week! What can you say - it's so easy to snap away with digital cameras...But here are some pictures of ferns we took when we went for a walk in the Tay Forest. I love the unfurling ferns, they are so delicate and so pretty.

Henrik hasn't been sleeping well over the last couple of days. He goes to bed well but then at some point he wakes up and cries. He had temperature on Monday night but Tuesday night and last night there wasn't anything wrong with him he was just very restless. Last night he did actually sleep but woke up at 5am, not good when you have sleepy parents! He did come to our bed but didn't stay still for long. Now he is having a long morning nap to make up for the early wake up time.

David has ordered a shed and it's arriving tomorrow. That will make life much easier as we don't have that much storage space at the moment. All of David's tools are in boxes in the cupboard under the stairs and if he needs one tool he needs to take all of the boxes out of the cupboard! So all the little quick jobs that need doing are not actually that quick and little when you need to spend five minutes moving boxes to get the hammer out of the cupboard. The shed wont be put up until next week though as it is Olly's 30th birhtday celebrations this weekend which will keep us busy.

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