Thursday, April 09, 2009


Last weekend we went camping in Dent with Olly and Becky to test out Henrik's new sleeping back and of course to spend some time with them. The weather wasn't the warmest but at least it didn't rain. Saturday was the gloomy day but it was nice to be outdoors, we went to Askrigg and walked to Mill Gill Force, local waterfall, had lunch in a pub and just drove and wondered around various places.

Sunday the sun came out and it was really nice, still cold because of the wind but  it was glorious. We went for a walk around Dent, up a fell, down a fell, along the river, across the river, and along the river again. Henrik was in fits of giggles throwing pebbles into the water with Becky.

The weather forecast for the Easter weekend is cold and miserable so I think we are staying home this weekend. 

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