Friday, April 24, 2009

Ear infection and other fun things

Time just seems to fly by and I don't get around to updating hte blog - oh dear. The powercord of the lap top is dead so we are using the desktop at the moment, which means I can't play on the computer whilst David is watching match of the day so consequently I don't update the blog as often as I should. Poor excuse I know!

Henrik has ear infection at the moment and the doctor gave him some antibiotics for it. He is slowly getting better. On Monday, the day we went to doctors, he just wanted to be held and cuddled all day and didn't really do much else than sleep on my lap. His got a nasty cough and some temperature too but he is on the mend. 

We went to the Churchill playing fields the other night with him to see the new park and Henrik enjoyed it thoroughly. He was quite happy just wondering around and looking all the new slides and swings. He tried the slide couple of times but it was more fun climbing up and down the grassy bank than going down the slide. David and I had a good go on the see-saw and enjoyed ourselves too.

We've also been digging in the garden. When the lawn was put in, the lawnmen just pushed all the extra soil in the back corner so the flowerbed in the back corner is good 50cm higher than rest of the borders so we've been trying to level it with the others but I think it will take at least couple more trips to the tip with the soil before we are level...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just a quick note

David put some of the photos from our camping trip on flickr so go and have a look there if you got time. 

Easter has been and gone, time seems to be flying by this spring, I still can't get over the fact that it is mid April! My chocolate fast for the lent is over but I haven't really missed chocolate at all which has been quite funny, but I have had some nevertheless :)

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Last weekend we went camping in Dent with Olly and Becky to test out Henrik's new sleeping back and of course to spend some time with them. The weather wasn't the warmest but at least it didn't rain. Saturday was the gloomy day but it was nice to be outdoors, we went to Askrigg and walked to Mill Gill Force, local waterfall, had lunch in a pub and just drove and wondered around various places.

Sunday the sun came out and it was really nice, still cold because of the wind but  it was glorious. We went for a walk around Dent, up a fell, down a fell, along the river, across the river, and along the river again. Henrik was in fits of giggles throwing pebbles into the water with Becky.

The weather forecast for the Easter weekend is cold and miserable so I think we are staying home this weekend.