Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hanna and Juho (my sister and her hubbie) came for a long weekend this last weekend or for an extra long weekend really as it was from Wednesday to Friday. We had a lovely time with them. I was off uni all the time whilst they were here which was nice. It was really nice just to be able to spend some quality time with them as when we go to Finland it usually feels like bit of a whirlwind visit as there are so many people to see in such a short time.

One day Henrik and I went to Newcastle with them and we walked down to the Quayside, saw all the bridges, had a quick nose around a Yoko Ono exhibition that was on the Baltic after which they spent the afternoon shopping. Another day we went to Alnmouth and Alnwick, walked on the beach, had pub lunch and saw some pretty country side. The weather was lovely for pretty much all of the visit, blue sky, hardly any clouds and sun, what more could you ask. It was nice and crisp in the mornings but by midday the sun was actually quite warm - if you were sheltered from the wind!

On Saturday we went searching for Hadrian's wall. When we first moved up here, David and I tried to go for a walk by the wall, but only ended up walking alongside slightly raised bit of earth that was covered by grass and that you had to imagine to be the wall - mainly because our book of the Hadrian's wall walks told us that it was in fact piece of the 2000 year old wall rather than some old farmers stone wall that had disintegrated and disappeared into the landscape. 

So I was determined to see a proper piece of the wall...and finally after about 40 minutes of driving we saw it. It was definitely the wall - it even had a sign by it telling us that it was. Hanna was more interested in taking some pics of the sheep that shared the field with the ancient piece of architecture than the wall itself!

Updates on Henrik, yesterday he learnt to climb on the kitchen chairs. Today he conquered the table!

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