Monday, March 16, 2009

My assistant

Jean was poorly last week so I was working from home couple of days. Henrik was very keen to help me and quite a few of my papers now have little scribbles over them where he got hold of the pen whilst I wasn't looking. He is getting very fast at climbing on the chairs! Hopefully it's not too long and I can get him to do my writing for me :)

We had a lovely weekend with Martin and Victoria in Yorkshire. On Saturday morning I was helping Victoria to dig up some molehills for her vegetable pots whilst David was helping elsewhere. Henrik was not too sure about the uneven ground on the molehill field and thought it was safer to look at them whilst on his tummy. 

On Sunday we went to church and Henrik was adored pretty much by the whole congregation, we thankfully had just about enough raisins to keep him quiet for the duration of the service. He was slightly disappointed at communion time when he wasn't given anything to eat when everyone else was...

My chocolate fast for the lent is going well but I did have a piece of chocolate cake on Saturday to celebrate my birthday, apart from that it is coming up to three weeks with no chocolate or biscuits and I'm surprised how easy it has been.

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