Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mums and toddlers

I was at mums and toddlers first time for couple of months. Jean has changed the days she looks after Henrik and instead of Wednesday he is at hers on Thursday so I got to go to mums and toddlers today.

It was funny to see how much all the little ones had grown. There were three mums who were pregnant when I was there last time in November and they all had had their babies. Henrik wasn't one of the small ones anymore, he was in the majority, definitely a toddler rather than a baby!

Henrik and I baked some korvapuusti couple of days ago. Henrik was doing really well for a while, rolling out the dough very nicely but then he got a taste of the dough and after that all he wanted to do was to eat the dough! I did try to tell him that eating too much yeasty dough is not good for your tummy, but he was not worried.

I had my second annual assessment on Monday, which means I've been doing my PhD for 21 months now, it's gone quickly. I had to check and count the months when the email came through from the graduate school telling me it was time to arrange my next assessment, I felt like I'd just had the last one. I should get the report in couple of weeks time but I think I should have passed comfortably.

I spoke at church on Sunday which was quite fun. My passage was Ephesians 2:1-10, all about us being brought to life by God so I spoke about transformation and change. It was funny preparing because all I could think of was a song we used to sing in a Sunday school about us being saved through grace as a gift of God (silla armosta me olemme pelastetut, emme tekojemme kautta ettei kukaan kerskaisi...)

Marks and Spencer's have their two packets of cookies for £2 offer on again so we have nice biscuits in the office again :)

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