Thursday, January 08, 2009

Going potty

We've been thinking of starting potty training with Henrik sometime in the spring so out of interest I had a look of what amazon has to offer on the potty front. To our amusement there quite a few products with names that tickled our sense of humour, my favourites were the piddle pad and toodle loo

I did also discover that you can get a royal potty that has two different types of musical rewards and some reward stickers, or you can go for the deluxe fun-to-learn potty that you can learn not just going to the potty but songs and words! Slightly more on the economical line of potties is the musical car potty that plays variety of popular tunes, at £14.19 it is definitely a bargain!

But not to worry, I learnt to use the potty without musical rewards so the most likely potty Henrik is going to have a trustworthy (and of course Scandinavian) baby bjorn there is a deluxe model available on that one as well but I think we'll start with the box standard version which you can get from the good old john lewis.

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