Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Crash and bang

Last night we woke up at midnight to this huge bang. David's first thought was that the tv* had fallen of the wall. So off we went to investigate to find out the source of the great bang. It wasn't the tv, which we were pleased about but it was the mirror. The hook had just unbent itself and the mirror came down crashing and waking us up.
Miraculously the mirror didn't break! But it did break quite a few things on it's way down, a little robin figure now has no tail and pair of lovely glass tealight holder/candle sticks that Jersey grannie gave us couple of years ago for Christmas broke :( And my flowers got crushed too but the vase survived.
So there we were in the middle of the night in our pjs mopping up the water from the flowers and picking up broken pieces of glass wondering how amazing it was that the mirror came down in the middle of the night, not couple of hours earlier when it could have landed on Henrik or one of us!

* we bought a new tv this year instead of buying each other presents, so we've updated from the one we bought when we were students to the 21st century with a fancy flat screen that fits on the wall - very smart, but we've had to position the coffee table so that Henrik doesn't bang the screen

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Unknown said...

hi seeings im being sad and looking at your blog!!! i thought i may as well leave a comment and say happy christmas!!! we had a cool christmas this year very relaxing and even made it to church christmas day!!! We know someone else who also bought a joint christmas of a fancy tv for each other but not one that fixes on the wall how big is the screen? im busy knitting a jumper for the baby its due on feb 10 oh and i promise i am going to send gingerbread house book up cant believe its not in print now.... have found company that can photocopy nikkixxxx