Monday, November 24, 2008

Back in toon

We are back home after a lovely weekend in Liverpool with the Homans. We had really nice time with Olly and Becky and also managed to catch up with Heather and also to meet young Beniah West for the first time. On Sunday we attempted to go to the local park to try the steam railway they have for kiddie's there but unfortunately it wasn't open until couple of hours after we got there and weather permitting - it was hailing as we walked around the park so I guess it probably wasn't the best weather for it. Thankfully Henrik is too young to realise that he missed a trainride! So we had alltogether nice weekend.

The only other newsworthy item from the last couple of weeks is that Henrik is walking properly now, there is no stopping him! Outside he is still a bit wobbly but indoors he is fast.

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