Monday, October 27, 2008

There and back again

So we've been to Finland and back to celebrate my little sisters wedding. Henrik behaved really well on the plane, the air hostesses commented on how well he flew. All apart from one flight we had a spare seat between us for him which was a great help. 

The change in Amsterdam on the way there was really good, we had quite a few hours to spare so we had a chance of using their baby rooms that have a little cots and shooting music for Henrik's afternoon nap. On the way back we were slightly delayed  because of strong winds and didn't have any spare time, we just about managed to grap couple of sandwiches to take away on route from one gate to the other - it took us 30 minutes to get from the gate we arrived on to the gate we needed to be...and it was all in the same wing!

We didn't really have time to see that many people or do that many things but we still found time for coffee and korvapuustis. We managed to catch up with Janne and Marianna and see their newest arrival (and Nelly of course). 

The wedding was really nice,it was really special to see Hanna get married. The couple of days leading up to it were slightly hectic but because of Henrik we weren't really able to help that much, I did so couple of hems on the bridesmaid's dresses. Hellu, my other sister, made Hanna's dress (as well as the bridesmaid's, my sister's and couple of the other girls' dresses) and it was beautiful. It was lovely to see lots of relatives we haven't seen for a long time.

Henrik also had his first sauna while we were in Finland. He seemed to enjoy it. From now on Hanna will be known as sauna-auntie as they have a sauna in their new flat.

We've got lots of pictures from the wedding so I'll need to upload them on the computer and post the best ones here when I've got time. 

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