Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quarries and what not

It is Sunday again. The week has flown by. Last night we had a fundraiser at church for breast cancer breakthrough. We had a pampered chef- demonstration in style of tupperware parties and a raffle and some food. I won the main prize in the raffle which was pretty exciting, a nice little stoneware pampered chef dish. 

We had a babysitter on Tuesday so I went to church worship night along side with David and it was brilliant. This morning was extended worship which we both really enjoyed. David shared a bit and got very excited about ephesians which was really nice, gave me the warm fuzzy feeling. 

We did have an outing to Ladycross quarry yesterday which was quite fun. Our garden gets quite waterlogged so we've been thinking of doing some paving by the side of the house where it gets the soggiest and thought that we'd look into how much the local quarries would be for tiles in comparison to evil B&Q. We had a fun time, the man in the quarry showed us around, it was very muddy but we were well prepared with our wellies (we were going to take Moses out later). 

It was really interesting to see the areas where they had stopped quarrying and were reinstating the area to nature. The quarry was located on a major route for bird migration and they had a 'sun dial' to show when a time for the different birds was to return and also a nice little seating area to watch the birds. The quarry was surrounded by forestry commission woods and we went out with Moses after the tour around the quarry. We (I) picked some mushrooms on the way but couldn't find them in my mushroom book so I didn't dear to use them. But after our quarry tour and a walk we stopped in a pub for lunch which was nice.

We've had a lovely time with the Browns this afternoon after church, just catching up. Henrik was fascinated by the boys and the boys were fascinated by him! But Henrik had a wonderful time being entertained by Joe.

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