Monday, October 06, 2008

LaUnDrY tRoUbLeS

The washing machine retired on Friday morning. It refused to turn around. This is the second time it's happened, last time (in Plymouth 3+ years ago) the brushes were worn (or so the washing machine fixing guy told us) so we thought that was hopefully the case but were rather worried over the prospect of having to buy a new washing machine. 
This one has served us very well, we bought it when we got married with some money we were given by David's grannie. We bought it second hand and we've had it for nearly 8 years so it has served us well. The washing machine fixing guy we found in yellow pages came over this afternoon and he fixed it in no time and the problem was the brushes again, apparently the most common thing to go wrong in the washing machine...
So I'm catching up on the laundry now, I did take some around to Alice's on Saturday and Jean's on Sunday so I'm not completely inundated with it but I've still got bit to do. A new washing machine would have been nice but having this one fixed was definitely better for our budget!

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