Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Getting ready

Here are few pics of us getting ready for the wedding:
Hanna having her make up done
Hellu doing Paivi's hair
Eppu and Paivi thought I needed a helping hand with getting ready
The finishing touches

Henrik despairing over how long it is taking for all the aunties and bridesmaids to get ready...


Anonymous said...

just a quick hi, cheers for the korvapuusti recipie (probably spelt wrong) made an apple yeasty thing yesterday took ages but was nice and still loads left if you havent got the nigella lawson domestic goddess book i could write it out 4u (not that i felt like a goddess during or after making it!!!) feel guilty as i still am borrowing it tried to buy it from waterstones the other day but it is out of print so am going to photocopy pages from it and return it!!! not much other news..... just this and that as usual..... nikkixxxx

Anonymous said...

apple yeasty thing sounds good...haven't got the domestic goddess book but i can always google and see if I can find the recipe :) L x