Thursday, September 18, 2008

The week has flown by. It is nearly weekend :) I've been working the first half of the week and Thursday and Friday are my days but I usually try to cram everything in them so I don't actually have time off, I'm just not at uni. Today I had doctors, house work and meeting up with couple of friends (separately) for coffee, tomorrow is ladies prayer group, more house work and getting ready for a weekend camping trip to the lakes. We'll be back on Sunday as we've got some friends coming around for lunch.
Henrik is scootering around the house holding onto furniture and getting quite adventurous in leaning from one piece of furniture to the next. Today he managed to empty the cupboard that has the flour and tins in it...twice...
Above is a picture of Paivi and Henrik from the summer. It is Paivi's 18th birthday on Saturday!!!!! It was so nice having her here for the summer and to spend some time together :)

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PS: you can see David's pj bottoms floating in the background in the pic ;)