Monday, September 15, 2008

The last of the summer holiday pictures

So here are the last pics of our wonderful camping trip. They are all from the last day when we went for a walk up a gorge and spent some time splashing about in the water. It was about 35 degrees so the cool mountain water was very refreshing after the walk. On the way back we decided to save the hassle of walking up and down and waded up the gorge instead, in hindsight the up and down option probably would have been quicker but you live and you learn!

One of the things that kept Henrik amused for hours was pretending to drive the car. So whenever on our long drives we stopped for nappy change, bottle, lunch or for any other reason we gave him couple of minutes behind the wheel and he was in 7th heaven. On the last day he sat on David's lap when we drove up the drive of the campsite to our tent and he could hardly contain himself from the excitement!!!

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