Friday, September 12, 2008

And still some more pics

It's raining here so I'm cheering myself up by looking at some sunny holiday photos when I really should be baking buns for Henrik's birthday. But here are couple of pics from our hike up a mountain. We parked the car in Col de Carabes and walked through forrest and up along the ridge to the top of a mountain that I can't remember the name of and google is not being helpful in trying to find it but I think it was +1.5km high and sounded like rocks... 

The walk was amazing. I have never ever seen so many butterflies in my life than we did there! It took us about 3 hours to walk there and back and it was boiling hot but once we were on the top the views were just incredible.

This photo is not actually from the top, still on the way tehre, but you can see the mountain we camped by on the left. There are green and yellow fields just by each other about half way across that mountain and that was were the campsite was, our tent is hiding just behind those trees :)
Me on the way down (hence big smile, no more uphill!) 
The ridge we walked along is on the left.
David & Henrik, it was difficult to get them smiling at the same time...

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