Tuesday, September 09, 2008

And still more on the holiday

So, haven't actually said that much about the holiday but you've seen the pictures!!!
We had a lovely time. Driving there took longet than expected but the good news is that we still talk to each other regardless of getting lost pretty much every single time when we tried to circumnavigate a bigger town or a city (the French don't have similar passion for building by-passes than the English do!)
The first day was long, we caught a ferry at 10 am which meant we had to be there at 9am which in turn meant driving around the M25 at rush hour and getting up at 5.30am...We had a brilliant fry up on the ferry and then drove for quite a few hours before stopping for lunch.
We didn't get to the the village of the first campsite until 10.30ish and it was dark. I was convinced we had found the campsite, it was by a lake, there was a gate, other tents and we had been following the signs from the village....David wasn't so convinced but we put the tent up anyway. In the morning it turned out that we'd been camping with a bunch of fishermen about 500 metres up the road from where the camsite we moved the tent and camped on the proper campsite with nice warm showers and english style toalets for the next night.
Drive down to the alps was gorgeous. The weather was beautiful and the roads were empty. We stopped in Dijon for couple of hours and had a wonder around. We found a lovely little toyshop selling the most amazing wooden toys and got something little for Henrik for his first birthday.
The second campsite was much easier to find. We even managed to have dinner before it got dark! The French holiday season was pretty much over so the campsite was nice and quiet. We spent a brilliant 8 days just going for walks, swims and sightseeing whilst eating lots of nice pastries and bread.
We discovered lots of nice thigns you can cook on the trangia, before we left we'd bought a gas converter for it which made life so much easier and cooking so much quicker. One thing we didn't have with us was a coolbag* which meant we had to go to supermarket everyday so next year we'll have to remember that.
We had originally planned to go to somewhere else for three or so nights before coming back but the weather was so lovely and there was so much to do that we just stayed in one place for the whole time.
On the way back we took the motorway for quite a few times and that saved us lots of time. We stopped at the same campsite again than the first two nights and this time arrived when it was still nice and light...
We both really enjoyed our time away. It's the first time we've really taken a two week holiday and we'll definitely do it again. It was very nice feeling after the first week to think that you don't have to be back at work for anohter week yet! We also really like our new tent, it's so easy to put up and really nice to be in, and what's even better, Henrik had his own little room where we put his travel cot up for him and he slept really well.
*we hadn't realise that the campsite owners were happy to freeze the blocks for the coolbags whenever we needed

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