Monday, September 15, 2008

1st birthday

We celebrated Henrik's first birthday yesterday. It seems that the year has just flown by! He was not really interested in the presents itself but the ribbons on the parcels were fascinating...he got two pressies all the way from Finland and both had lots of ribbon on so he was very impressed. 

Here is the first present of the day from David and I that we found in Dijon, again the little ribbons were very very fascinating and without helping hand from us he would have been playing with the ribbons all morning. 

We had some people over from church and few other friends for cake and coffee in the afternoon which was really nice, the birthday boy didn't appreciate the significance of the occasion but seemed very pleased with all the people who were happy to hold on to his fingers and walk him around for much longer than mummy and daddy...

The cake
Singing happy birthday whilst Henrik is trying his best to get the berries of the cake
Picture of all three of us that Peter took

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