Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy bees

We've had a very busy and productive weekend sorting the garden out. We have been in the process of building a raised bed along one of the fences as our neighbours garden is higher than ours and the soil keeps falling in from their side to our side. We must have started it months ago, around the time when David finished the decking but then we've either been busy or the weather has been miserable or we've been too lazy or tired to do anything about it.

But it is finished now :) We've had brilliant weather and the garden is all ready for the winter now. The raised bed is done, I emptied the compost into it (my first 'home made' compost - very exciting) It's all weeded and David even managed to destroy his block of concrete that he has been hacking away all summer much to the delight of the neighbours on Sunday afternoons ;) And David even mowed the lawn.

Now I just need to get some plants to plant in it. I've got a bamboo that I've moved into it and a forsythia that we bought months ago in a garden centre sale. There are few self seeded foxgloves as well in varying shades of white and pink but apart from that there are plenty of room for more plants. It doesn't really get much sunlight as next doors fence shades it most of the day so we'll probably get lots of ferns that love the shade to go in there. 

Henrik enjoyed the weekend as well. He spent a lot of time in the garden either walking around the decking holding onto the bench or sitting on a blanket in the lawn. He is getting more and more mobile but still likes to hold onto things while he is walking. This morning at church he was taking advantage of anyone who was standing close enough and moving from person to person holding onto their legs...he manage to startle quite a few of them - I guess you are not really expecting anyone to come and touch your knees when you are standing around drinking coffee!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Camping in the Lakes

We had lovely time camping last weekend. We were a bit late leaving so we didn't arrive to the campsite until it was dark but managed to get the tent up with no hassles. Moses enjoyed his camping trip as well and behaved himself very well apart from occasional growls when someone walked passed too close to the tent in the night. We packed in a bit of a hurry and forgot our camping chairs, pillows and couple of other bits and bobs but it wasn't the end of the world. 
On Saturday we had a little potter about Ambleside and then had pub lunch in Grasmere before tackling a mountain. We walked up to Alcock Tarn and skirted around the fells for couple of hours. The weather was gorgeous and walking up hill was hard work. Even Moses was tired after our walk!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The week has flown by. It is nearly weekend :) I've been working the first half of the week and Thursday and Friday are my days but I usually try to cram everything in them so I don't actually have time off, I'm just not at uni. Today I had doctors, house work and meeting up with couple of friends (separately) for coffee, tomorrow is ladies prayer group, more house work and getting ready for a weekend camping trip to the lakes. We'll be back on Sunday as we've got some friends coming around for lunch.
Henrik is scootering around the house holding onto furniture and getting quite adventurous in leaning from one piece of furniture to the next. Today he managed to empty the cupboard that has the flour and tins in it...twice...
Above is a picture of Paivi and Henrik from the summer. It is Paivi's 18th birthday on Saturday!!!!! It was so nice having her here for the summer and to spend some time together :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

1st birthday

We celebrated Henrik's first birthday yesterday. It seems that the year has just flown by! He was not really interested in the presents itself but the ribbons on the parcels were fascinating...he got two pressies all the way from Finland and both had lots of ribbon on so he was very impressed. 

Here is the first present of the day from David and I that we found in Dijon, again the little ribbons were very very fascinating and without helping hand from us he would have been playing with the ribbons all morning. 

We had some people over from church and few other friends for cake and coffee in the afternoon which was really nice, the birthday boy didn't appreciate the significance of the occasion but seemed very pleased with all the people who were happy to hold on to his fingers and walk him around for much longer than mummy and daddy...

The cake
Singing happy birthday whilst Henrik is trying his best to get the berries of the cake
Picture of all three of us that Peter took

The last of the summer holiday pictures

So here are the last pics of our wonderful camping trip. They are all from the last day when we went for a walk up a gorge and spent some time splashing about in the water. It was about 35 degrees so the cool mountain water was very refreshing after the walk. On the way back we decided to save the hassle of walking up and down and waded up the gorge instead, in hindsight the up and down option probably would have been quicker but you live and you learn!

One of the things that kept Henrik amused for hours was pretending to drive the car. So whenever on our long drives we stopped for nappy change, bottle, lunch or for any other reason we gave him couple of minutes behind the wheel and he was in 7th heaven. On the last day he sat on David's lap when we drove up the drive of the campsite to our tent and he could hardly contain himself from the excitement!!!

Second to last of the summer holiday photos

One of David's early morning pics
Swimming in the lake near Veynes. Henrik learned to point during the holiday and much of our time was spent on trying to guess what he was pointing at...
Flying in the air...we managed to get a puncture to his little floatie thing in the car and tried to unsuccesfully fix it with some gaffer tape. The puncture was on the outer ring so we could still use the floatie but it needs to be fixed before we let Henrik loose with it in the swimming pool.
David and Henrik enjoying the lake

Friday, September 12, 2008

And still some more pics

It's raining here so I'm cheering myself up by looking at some sunny holiday photos when I really should be baking buns for Henrik's birthday. But here are couple of pics from our hike up a mountain. We parked the car in Col de Carabes and walked through forrest and up along the ridge to the top of a mountain that I can't remember the name of and google is not being helpful in trying to find it but I think it was +1.5km high and sounded like rocks... 

The walk was amazing. I have never ever seen so many butterflies in my life than we did there! It took us about 3 hours to walk there and back and it was boiling hot but once we were on the top the views were just incredible.

This photo is not actually from the top, still on the way tehre, but you can see the mountain we camped by on the left. There are green and yellow fields just by each other about half way across that mountain and that was were the campsite was, our tent is hiding just behind those trees :)
Me on the way down (hence big smile, no more uphill!) 
The ridge we walked along is on the left.
David & Henrik, it was difficult to get them smiling at the same time...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Competition for Rudolph?

Henrik is very determined in his quest for walking. He can walk all the way around the kitchen holding on the cabinets. He can also walk pretty much all the way around the front room by holding on to the sofas, coffee tables etc. This morning he managed to pull one of my pot plants over that I had thought there was no way of him reaching it. He still ikes to hold on to things with both hands so if you only offer him one hand for support he grapps hold of your trousers or holds on to the same finger with both of his little hands.

His little adventures sometimes end in trouble...most often he has just got to a point where he can't go any further but he can't go back the same way he came for one reason or another...this results in whining until we come and reposition him! Or even more serious - he falls over. Sometimes he doesn't even notice and just pulls himself up, other times the world ends and there is nothing you can do to stop him cry.

On Saturday night his nose was little bit red but not that much so we didn't think anything of it. When I went to pick him up on Sunday morning when he woke up he had a bright red nose! I first thought that I must have forgotten to wash his face properly and he still had some tomato sauce or somethign on his nose...but it didn't come off. It turned out to be a carpet burn. So the poor little lamb has a red nose from falling over, hopefully it will get better by Sunday, otherwise we'll have pictures of him trying ot blow the candle out on his 1st birthdaycake with shiny red nose...

And still more on the holiday

So, haven't actually said that much about the holiday but you've seen the pictures!!!
We had a lovely time. Driving there took longet than expected but the good news is that we still talk to each other regardless of getting lost pretty much every single time when we tried to circumnavigate a bigger town or a city (the French don't have similar passion for building by-passes than the English do!)
The first day was long, we caught a ferry at 10 am which meant we had to be there at 9am which in turn meant driving around the M25 at rush hour and getting up at 5.30am...We had a brilliant fry up on the ferry and then drove for quite a few hours before stopping for lunch.
We didn't get to the the village of the first campsite until 10.30ish and it was dark. I was convinced we had found the campsite, it was by a lake, there was a gate, other tents and we had been following the signs from the village....David wasn't so convinced but we put the tent up anyway. In the morning it turned out that we'd been camping with a bunch of fishermen about 500 metres up the road from where the camsite we moved the tent and camped on the proper campsite with nice warm showers and english style toalets for the next night.
Drive down to the alps was gorgeous. The weather was beautiful and the roads were empty. We stopped in Dijon for couple of hours and had a wonder around. We found a lovely little toyshop selling the most amazing wooden toys and got something little for Henrik for his first birthday.
The second campsite was much easier to find. We even managed to have dinner before it got dark! The French holiday season was pretty much over so the campsite was nice and quiet. We spent a brilliant 8 days just going for walks, swims and sightseeing whilst eating lots of nice pastries and bread.
We discovered lots of nice thigns you can cook on the trangia, before we left we'd bought a gas converter for it which made life so much easier and cooking so much quicker. One thing we didn't have with us was a coolbag* which meant we had to go to supermarket everyday so next year we'll have to remember that.
We had originally planned to go to somewhere else for three or so nights before coming back but the weather was so lovely and there was so much to do that we just stayed in one place for the whole time.
On the way back we took the motorway for quite a few times and that saved us lots of time. We stopped at the same campsite again than the first two nights and this time arrived when it was still nice and light...
We both really enjoyed our time away. It's the first time we've really taken a two week holiday and we'll definitely do it again. It was very nice feeling after the first week to think that you don't have to be back at work for anohter week yet! We also really like our new tent, it's so easy to put up and really nice to be in, and what's even better, Henrik had his own little room where we put his travel cot up for him and he slept really well.
*we hadn't realise that the campsite owners were happy to freeze the blocks for the coolbags whenever we needed

Friday, September 05, 2008

And couple of more pics

I'm in the middlde of tidying up the house but thought I'd add these two pics before I forget so here we are - a random sunflower field near our campsite and some nice cakes from a market we went to in a small village up on the mountains. They did sell some sheep on the market but we settled for some macaroons.

Monday, September 01, 2008

And some more

Our little camp and not so little tent
How to have a bath when you are camping
On a little wonder around in Orpierre
Splashing about in a gorge
The gorge where we splashed about

So here are some pics

The lake by which we camped for the first couple of nights in Marcenay
Henrik and I trying out the swings
Morning porridge fed by very very sleepy looking mummy
On a walk with daddy
Testing out daddy & mummy's 'bedroom'