Friday, July 04, 2008

What time you call this?

Yesterday we had a knock on our door at 10.15pm. David had been out with the guys from work so I just assumed it was him and went to open the door - I was wondering why he wasn't using his keys though...
It wasn't David, it was a Polish art student with a huge portfolio trying to sell some of her art! At quarter past 10 at night! 
When I was younger I remember by parents saying you shouldn't really phone people especially if you don't know them after 9pm as they need their peaceful evening. I would say knocking on somebody's door trying to sell something at that time of the night is even less welcome than a late night phone call. 
I was so taken back at her being behind my door that didn't know what to say to the end i bloppered something about being a student and not having money (both which are true) and she disappeared to knock on our next door neighbours door.
Maybe it is different in Poland but in the Lindsey household we are usually counting sheep by 10.15pm.

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