Sunday, June 22, 2008

Green, green, green

Here is an other pic from a walk couple of weekends ago. Since that the weather has been pretty bad so we have not really been out. My sister has arrived so we have a full house. It's really nice to have her around. It's funny, last year it was just us two and Moses, now we are a household of five + dog! David spoke at church today which was brilliant. I really enjoyed listening to him get very excited about God and all things relating.
We've also been following the football, on the ladies part this has been more half hearted whereas David has been following it more seriously. Surprisingly my team are still in it, so if they win the next match I'll win at least £7. Wimbledon starts tomorrow so we've got couple of more weeks of sport coming up. (The rain coudl be explained by the fact that Wimbledon is starting tomorrow).

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