Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Picnic in the park

We went for a picnic in Jesmond Dene yesterday with Rachel & Ty + Lily + Oscar and Rebekah and Evie. We had a lovely time eating lots of nice food, looking at the animals at the pets corner and having a little walk by the river.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I have a new phone. I've finally given up on my ancient pay as you go phone and have got 100 any network anytime minutes and unlimited texts for £15/month and a very swanky new phone.


One of my sisters is in California for the summer, helping on a ywam summer programme for young people. You can find out more about her adventures here - however it's only in Finnish at the moment.

Green, green, green

Here is an other pic from a walk couple of weekends ago. Since that the weather has been pretty bad so we have not really been out. My sister has arrived so we have a full house. It's really nice to have her around. It's funny, last year it was just us two and Moses, now we are a household of five + dog! David spoke at church today which was brilliant. I really enjoyed listening to him get very excited about God and all things relating.
We've also been following the football, on the ladies part this has been more half hearted whereas David has been following it more seriously. Surprisingly my team are still in it, so if they win the next match I'll win at least £7. Wimbledon starts tomorrow so we've got couple of more weeks of sport coming up. (The rain coudl be explained by the fact that Wimbledon is starting tomorrow).

Friday, June 20, 2008


We are the proud owners of a red rinki highchair by seimi.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

not much happening

We've had a lovely weekend of not doing much. Baba has not been well. He had ear infection which has cleared but now he has an eye infection...not good...and the doctor is not giving him any antibiotics as it is a viral thing and it should get better in couple of days. So prayers are appreciated for our little man's health. He has had couple of nights of good sleep but tonight he has been crying quite a few times so we'll see how tonight goes. 
We've been watching some football - Euro 2008 - it's been quite relaxing not having England in it, no worries about them getting through, no matches that we 'have to' watch. I've seen couple of the matches and David's seen a few more. We had a euro 2008 sweepstake at work, I got Russia so I haven't got much hope of winning the price but it's bit of fun. We had the draw in the Friday morning coffee morning (Marks & Sparks chocolate chip cookies are intergral part of these...) before the competition started, most people are taking part so there are three of us per team. Both of the cleaner ladies drew Switzerland and they were not impressed.
We did some gardening yesterday which was nice. David sorted out the pavement stones around the decking so he can just mown the lawn straight over them. I did lots of weeding and sorted out my bamboo canes for the beans and peas. I have given up on my idea of organic gardening as the snails and slugs have eaten all of my broccoli, carrot and courgette seedlings. I got some slug pellets that are like sharp little stones to put around the plants and they are suppose to be organic as they haven't got any chemicals in them and work on the fact that they are sharp.
We went to a meeting in a church in Newcastle with a guy from Argentina on Thursday night which was really good. He was called Claudio something and was really nice. We had a brilliant time.

Monday, June 09, 2008


We took advantage of the good weather and had couple of lovely walks over the weekend. Here is me and baba looking at a robin that was chirping away happily in a close by tree.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The sunshine

We had a lovely weather at the weekend and most of our time was spent outside enjoying the garden. Sunday afternoon the weather was scorching hot. Henrik had a happy afternoon with playing his toys and sitting in his little bath in the shade. He was very fascinated by the lawn and had fun trying to pull pieces of grass of and eat them. For the adults the entertainment was pimms and the final of the french open. Unfortunately Federer didn't put up much of a fight so it was far more satisfying sitting outside in the sun than watch him being trashed by Nadal.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

In the park

Rachel and Jackie came over couple of days ago with Lily and Oscar and we went to the park down the road. The kids enjoyed themselves. Oscar slept all the way through. Henrik liked the swings, wasn't keen on the slide and slept through the rest of the time and Lily had a whale of a time.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Amy's birthday

It was Amy's birthday couple of weeks ago. Lily and Henrik helped with the candles.

Time flies

Time has definitely being flying recently. Being back at uni means that I don't actually sit down and have a look of the computer so often at home which in turns means that I don't blog so often. 
So what has happened in the last couple of days...baba is recuperating from his ear infection. I have sorted out pile of clean clothes that I have been meaning to do for days. We've been to mums and toddlers. I have arranged couple of interviews to start the data collection for my phd. It has rained. The sun has shined. We've been out to the woods with Moses. Normal family life basically. 
I've got day of tomorrow which I am looking forwards to. Rachel (and Oscar) are popping over for a cup of tea and we are seeing Jane as well tomorrow. Busy busy busy :)