Monday, May 12, 2008

In the garden

The weather was lovely at the weekend and we spent a lot of time outside. David was slaving away with the decking and I was helping whenever I could. I managed to do a bit of gardening and Amy had her first experience of gardening when she did some hanging baskets for me. Baba was enjoying the sun as well.
He hasn't been too well but then his first tooth broke through yesterday so I guess that could be why he has been bit of off colour. You can't really see the tooth yet but you can definitely feel it.
David did a brilliant job with the decking. It took longer than we thought but it is going to be so nice to be able to sit outside. It gets the sun in the morning until mid afternoon so hopefully we'll have lots of lovely breakfasts in the fresh air.
I've got some lovely photos of baba in his sunhat but the internet is being really slow and I have to go and sort some turf out (David took some up when he put the decking in so we are using htat piece to replace a bit of lawn that was looking quite dead - but it means it needs to be dug up before we can put the new piece in) so photos are to follow later...

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