Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not to my taste

When at primary school I remember my teacher telling us what to say when we encountered food that we didn't like. Her wise advice was: "the food is nice but not to my taste" rather than "yack, I don't like that".  
Thinking about it though, if someone said that my cooking wasn't to their taste I would probably interpret it to mean that they didn't like it. 
I saw something on the good old bbc website that I would put in the category of not my taste...mash and sausage cones. It is suppose to be the answer to the cold English weather and lack of sunshine. 
I have to say, I would rather sit by a fire and drink a nice cup of hot chocolate or walk on a cold windy beach with a cup of hot chocolate warming my fingers than biting into a cooling sausage poked in factory made mash potatoes!

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