Thursday, April 10, 2008

New noises

For the last couple of days Henrik has been increasing his 'vocabulary' or to be more exact the range of noises he makes. The newest addition is a bear...a very deep throaty noise, usually followed by a very sweet sounding baby coooing noises. 
The logical explanation probably is (I hope) that he is trying to sound like Moses who does growl especially when a dubious looking people walk past the house or there is a cat walking along the fence and he can't get to chase it. 
For Henrik the growling noises don't seem to have a constant stimulus like Moses' growling noises. It's more like, I'm reading my book, I think I'll growl, the dog is looking at me, I think I'll growl, the food tastes good, I think I'll growl, mummy looks funny, I think I'll get the point - the noises are completely random. 
I guess it might just be a phase, I seem to remember from the developmental psychology lectures all those years ago that babies go through quite a few of them especially as they don't seem to agree with each other and all have to come up with different number of stages of child development - only one I seem to remember is Erikson with his 8 stages - no idea what the stages were though ;) Oh well, maybe I'll have to come up with my own stages and be like Piaget who based most of his theories on his own kids!

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