Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Henrik is is poorly. He's had very runny nose and groggy throat for couple of days now and he had temperature yesterday so for the last couple of days he has not been interested in much else than snuggling on David's or my chest. However he is still very much interested in his food so he is not too poorly. We are of to see the gp at lunch time just to check that he is ok. 
The easter seems to have gone really quickly. We had Richard & Beth and Alan & Jackie around for brunch yesterday which was good fun. I also made some Finnish Easter pudding called pasha which I love. I was talking about it to Jane next door and found it hard to describe what it was so I made them a little one as well. Yet to find out if they liked it.
It also snowed here over the weekend which was very very exciting. There is still little bit left on the ground. 
David got me a magimix for my birthday and I have been trying all the different blades and attachments on it. So far I've chopped onions, herbs and nuts with it, sliced some tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms and pepper with it, mixed a pastry dough and bread dough, juiced some oranges, grated some cheese and pureed lots of food for baba as well as managing to cut my thumb whilst cleaning one of the blades. I love using it. I think I have used it pretty much every day since I got it :) Never knew preparing food could be so much fun...

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