Thursday, March 27, 2008

Eating broccoli

As you can see Henrik is venturing into the world of culinary delights where food is not only in pureed form. Last night was the first time Henrik had broccoli in little florets rather than pureed. He seemed to enjoy it. Not sure how much actually ending up in his mouth...Moses cleared considerable about of green blobs from the floor and there was quite a lot left in his chair after eating...But he enjoyed himself, that's the main thing.
Moses is starting to develop a love hate relationship with Henrik. When Henrik has food Moses is his best friend, looking adoringly at every mouthful Henrik takes and making a mental note where any food falls so when he is allowed back in the room after we've finished eating he can clear the floor in a flash. But when Henrik is sitting on the floor Moses goes past him as far as possible as Henrik takes hold of his fur and doesn't let go. 
Henrik on the other hand thinks Moses is the best thing ever and tries to catch him whenever he can and he can spend hours just looking at the dog and smiling at him.

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