Monday, March 10, 2008

Baba trying new things

This weekend Henrik tasted two new things, porridge and nakkileipa. Or he didn't really taste nakkileipa but chewed and gnarled it until it was soggy and I took it away from him but he seemed to like it nonetheless. Porridge has now replaced babyrice as his breakfast which means he can just have little bit of our morning porridge although slightly modified*. 

His room is getting there, David sanded the floorboards over the weekend and they look really nice (my war against carpets is progressing, one room done only rest of the house left...). My job for today is to clean the floor and walls and then we(I) can wax the floorboards tomorrow.
* liquidised and some babymilk added to it  and served with some pureed fruit - this morning it was apple and blueberries 

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