Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Sleep is what we are praying for tonight...Henrik hasn't been sleeping that well for the last couple of weeks due to teething/being poorly/needing more food than just milk/or all of the above. So we have introduced baby rice in to his diet as pictured in the last post. Unfortunately that hasn't had any affect on the sleep... 
Last night woke up at 2.30 and did not go back to sleep so we spent rest of the night jigging him, rocking him, taking him for a walk in the pram, basically anythign we thought would help - David walked to the beach at 5.30am, it worked but he woke up the moment David got back home with him. So we are very very tired and trying to come up with an action plan of what to do if Henrik decides again that he doesn't want to sleep. 
We had a nice fry-up to make up for the lack of sleep. David went to the butchers first thing in the morning and came back with some lovely bacon and sausages. And Henrik fell asleep then and slept happily for couple of was only 5 hours too late!

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