Thursday, February 28, 2008

New discoveries

Over the last couple of days Henrik has been making new discoveries...his toes! And I have been learning how to change a nappy when all your baby want to do is have his toes in his mouth. He has been sleeping little bit better but still wakes up about 1 and 4 - shock to our bodies since he slept pretty much through the night from 8 weeks on.

We are step closer to finishing the nursery as well. We went and got some curtain material this morning (we don't need an alarm clock, from about five to seven there is cooing noises coming from Henrik's direction just to make sure we are going to wake up) and David has been sorting out the skirting board. We also got some white paint to put on the walls. 

I finally went and had my pampering yesterday. I was given this lovely pre/postnatal treatment at clarin's skin spa by the girls at uni but never had it before Henrik was born and since he was born there never seemed to be a good time. So yesterday was the day and it was very relaxing and enjoyable and relaxing and enjoyable and relaxing...

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