Monday, February 18, 2008

Here we are

We are back from Liverpool. We had a lovely weekend with Olly & Becky. David and Olly went to see Liverpool play on Saturday meanwhile Becky and I did a bit of shopping. Henrik was generally adored and nearly kidnapped by the ladies in the diy shop whilst we were shopping! 

On the way there we took a scenic route across the pennines, passed the highest cafe in the uk and saw some amazing countryside. We also discovered that the village bakery, who make lovely rye bread, actually are a village bakery in Melmerby rather than just a fancy make, unfortunately we missed their opening hours but there is always a next time.

On Sunday Becky cooked us all an amazing roast lamb a'la Jamie Oliver and Tom & Helen and Heather joined us for lunch. It was great to see them. The lunch involved lots of baby talk and us telling how amazing Henrik is :)

Baba has been a bit poorly today, runny nose & lots of coughs so I am going to the unwell babies clinic at the doctors tomorrow. He was so tired this evening that he fell asleep sitting up in his bumbo chair. 

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