Thursday, February 28, 2008

New discoveries

Over the last couple of days Henrik has been making new discoveries...his toes! And I have been learning how to change a nappy when all your baby want to do is have his toes in his mouth. He has been sleeping little bit better but still wakes up about 1 and 4 - shock to our bodies since he slept pretty much through the night from 8 weeks on.

We are step closer to finishing the nursery as well. We went and got some curtain material this morning (we don't need an alarm clock, from about five to seven there is cooing noises coming from Henrik's direction just to make sure we are going to wake up) and David has been sorting out the skirting board. We also got some white paint to put on the walls. 

I finally went and had my pampering yesterday. I was given this lovely pre/postnatal treatment at clarin's skin spa by the girls at uni but never had it before Henrik was born and since he was born there never seemed to be a good time. So yesterday was the day and it was very relaxing and enjoyable and relaxing and enjoyable and relaxing...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sleepless in Whitley Bay

For the last couple of weeks Henrik has seen it fit to wake up at 11, 1 and 4 which has been a great shock to our system as we had started to appreciate and enjoy a good night sleep. In his defense he has been poorly so we are hoping that's the reason for him not sleeping well but we are yet to see if that is the case in fact. His poor little nose has been running like a tap for the last couple of days, his cough is better so hopefully it wont last much longer. 

So we are very keen to sort out his room. The plasterer has been in for the last couple of days and the walls are looking very nice and smooth, when we get some more money we'll get the floor sanded and then all it needs is a lick of paint and nice pair of new curtains. I'm quite excited about making the curtains for his room, we haven't picked a fabric yet...I like stripes but then he has his mobile with his boats so we could go for a whole marine theme but that might be a bit too much...but we've found a great little fabric store* so we might go and see what they have on Saturday.

*their website doesn't do them justice, they have a lovely selection of really nice  fabrics at reasonable prices

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My toys

Here are couple of pics of Henrik enjoying his toys, the bunny with long ears (still deciding if he is a rabbit or a hare) and hoopy loopy giraffe. We went to the doctors this morning and her verdict was ear infection. She gave Henrik some antibiotics but she also said to see for 24 hours if he gets better before starting to give them to him so we are waiting and seeing. He seemed to go to sleep ok tonight so hopefully he'll have a good night.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Here we are

We are back from Liverpool. We had a lovely weekend with Olly & Becky. David and Olly went to see Liverpool play on Saturday meanwhile Becky and I did a bit of shopping. Henrik was generally adored and nearly kidnapped by the ladies in the diy shop whilst we were shopping! 

On the way there we took a scenic route across the pennines, passed the highest cafe in the uk and saw some amazing countryside. We also discovered that the village bakery, who make lovely rye bread, actually are a village bakery in Melmerby rather than just a fancy make, unfortunately we missed their opening hours but there is always a next time.

On Sunday Becky cooked us all an amazing roast lamb a'la Jamie Oliver and Tom & Helen and Heather joined us for lunch. It was great to see them. The lunch involved lots of baby talk and us telling how amazing Henrik is :)

Baba has been a bit poorly today, runny nose & lots of coughs so I am going to the unwell babies clinic at the doctors tomorrow. He was so tired this evening that he fell asleep sitting up in his bumbo chair. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sleeping beauty

Keeping in line with the recent posts mentioning sleep (or lack of it) few times here are couple of pics of Henrik having his morning nap yesterday. We are of to the health visitor this morning to have him weighed. 

Monday, February 11, 2008

Surprise surprise...

...another photo of Henrik :) This time it is a cute little yawn in a morning after he had kept us awake at night. At the moment the sleep pattern seems to be a good night, a bad night, a good night and a bad night. Last night was a good one so we are not too sleepy this morning.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cutie pie

Henrik smiling, charming the world
'I'm sure I'll get them in if I just try hard enough'

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Hurrah, the photo adding facility is working so I can add some photos :) Since Henrik started solids he has had the opportunity to taste couple of new things in addition to baby rice. Banana he loved, banana and blueberries was an equal success, carrots he munched very happily...but cauliflower was not a success. I tried cauliflower on its own - he did not like it. So I mixed up some baby rice and added tiny teaspoon of cauliflower to that...he was not impressed at all. I can't really blame him though as neither one of us really likes cauliflower! So here are some memorable expressions of Henrik's first encounter with pureed cauliflower mush...


I was going to post some pictures of Henrik but for some reason the blogger is not playing with me so I can't do that :( We are still alive. We had pretty good night sleep last night which is brilliant...all the prayers obviously worked. It is glorious sunshine here so we'll be heading to the beach or somewhere later. David's gone to pick up his bike from being serviced and I'm cooking lunch. The soup is bubbling away so I've got 10 or so minutes before it needs my attention again. 

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


David has added some new photos of Henrik to his flickr account (link should be on the side bar) in case you want to have a look how gorgeous the baba looks like when he is not keeping us awake :)


Sleep is what we are praying for tonight...Henrik hasn't been sleeping that well for the last couple of weeks due to teething/being poorly/needing more food than just milk/or all of the above. So we have introduced baby rice in to his diet as pictured in the last post. Unfortunately that hasn't had any affect on the sleep... 
Last night woke up at 2.30 and did not go back to sleep so we spent rest of the night jigging him, rocking him, taking him for a walk in the pram, basically anythign we thought would help - David walked to the beach at 5.30am, it worked but he woke up the moment David got back home with him. So we are very very tired and trying to come up with an action plan of what to do if Henrik decides again that he doesn't want to sleep. 
We had a nice fry-up to make up for the lack of sleep. David went to the butchers first thing in the morning and came back with some lovely bacon and sausages. And Henrik fell asleep then and slept happily for couple of was only 5 hours too late!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Henrik entering into the world of culinary delights

Henrik had his first taste of food tonight in form of baby rice. He seemed to like it even though it was pretty much just breast milk with couple of baby rice flakes floating in it! He very sweetly grabbed David's hand just to make sure the 'food' wasn't going to run away.

:) again

It is snowing again and this time it looks like it is settling. The lid of my compost bin is already covered in snow and the lawn is looking whiter and whiter by the minute. It is bitterly cold though. I went to baby club with Paula this morning but it was really hard work getting back as the wind was against us and the rain was just turing into snow so it was like little icicles being blown into your face. But the snow has turned from little icicles to big beautiful snowflakes :)


Disappointingly it only snowed for about five minutes and none of it settled...