Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas pics 2

We are well into the New Year and I still hasn't managed to finish the Christmas update...oh dear. Well here is part 2 of the story (more to follow still...)

So we got to Finland after Christmas, had some very stressful moments on the M25 that was very very slow but we got to Heathrow and didn't miss the flight - in fact we had one of the most relaxed flights we've ever had. Henrik behaved well on the plane, he grizzled couple of times but my worst nightmares of him crying for 2 hours solid didn't come true which is good. 

We were in Helsinki first for couple of days and then went to the countryside to see my parents and half of my sisters. Most of the time in Helsinki we were seeing friends and relatives and didn't have time to potter around apart from the 30th which was our wedding anniversary (7th) and we kept completely free. WE had a nice day of wondering around Helsinki, dong some shopping and going out for a nice meal in a restaurant called Fabian

Henrik being introduced to the cafe culture in Bulevardin kahvisalonki
David & Henrik walking along Bulevardi
Me and Henrik in the Park along the Esplanadi
But I think (by the smell and noise) that it is time for a nappy change so that's all for this time.

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