Thursday, January 17, 2008


We've got the bird feeders positioned so that I can see them while I am doing washing up. Mostly the visitors include sparrows, blackbirds, starlings and blue tits with the occasional robin finding it's way there. The sparrows treat it like a local takeaway, in the summer when their chicks were little they brought them along and lined them up on the fence and ferried the seeds to them. 

Today I got very excited whilst scrubbing the porridge pan...there was a bird with bright red face and amazing yellow streaked wings! As I don't have a bird book and the only help I have for identifying birds is a tea towel - not the most comprehensive method I wasn't sure what it was but then with the help of google and Royal Society for the Protection of Birds website I was able to identify it as goldfinch

On other notes, I haven't forgotten about Christmas and I'll sit down at some point and finish the Christmas updates. Henrik is growing, he was 4.9kg (10lb 12oz) and 61.5cm on Tuesday when he had his third set of injections, three all in total...he was not impressed. The first one he didn't mind but the next two...he was not a happy bunny! 

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