Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bargain :)

David and I have always really thought that you never really get a bargain on ebay...people seem to pay an awful lot of money, often pretty much the retail price, for things. But we have finally been proved wrong. I have been looking for a wooden baby gym for Henrik and found one on ebay, I duly but a bid on and to my surprise I won it at the great cost of £1.70 + £2.50 postage. It arrived today and it looks great. 

As you do, I put the make of it into google and discovered that you can buy it for £45.25 + £3.95 postage. So for once we got a bargain.

Henrik has had a bit of a cold but he seems to be getting better. The last couple of nights he has actually slept quite well, not like over the weekend when he woke up every couple of hours. It was a gorgeous weather today and we went to the beach with the pooch. 

David is helping with diy at church tonight. The church have got the building next to it and they have been doing it up since the new year to open a pregnancy advice centre there. The sign went up last week which was pretty exciting. David took with him a tin of flapjacks so he should be popular ;)

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