Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Still sniffling

Henrik is a bit better and I think I am marginally better but not much :( Paula and baby Nathan came over yesterday so we had a nice afternoon chattering away in Finnish. We took Moses out together as well. It was quite amusing when we were leaving for the walk...both of the babies were crying and Moses was whimpering very excitedly as he realised he was coming too...

Moses is very quick to pick up on cues, usually by the time you pick up his lead he has got so excited that it is pretty impossible to calm him down. Some cues he has figured out that mean an impeding walk are locking the back doors, turning the heating of, taking the changing bag away from the pram and putting some rolled up plastic bags into the pram pocket - so even before you've had a chance for reaching for your shoes or jacket he knows he is going for walk and there is no peace!

I've been trying to add some photos still but for some reason they are refusing to be uploaded. I'll try again later hopefully with more luck.

We (me & Henrik) are going to the health visitor today to see how much the baba weighs. 

We watched the nativity story in theology group last night. It was pretty good, so if you can get hold of it, it's worth a watch especially this time of the year. 

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