Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Time flies

Lots has happened over the last couple of weeks and the blogger has been temperamental about uploading photos so I have started writing a blog quite a few times but then by the time it comes up with error message saying unable to upload upload photos I am feeding the baba or changing nappies or doing something else baba related. 

My mum was over for week and a bit. People at church  still fondly talk about t he korvapuusti and ginger biscuits she made. She also baked a cake for the dedication that I decorated it and that was a great success too.

Henrik also has a horrible cough, viral upper respiratory tract infection the out of hours doctor who we saw on Saturday morning called it. He still has it but as he is so young they don't want to give him any antibiotics. 

Despite the cough and hour long coughing fits at night time he has slept through the night without feeds for quite a few nights now. Apart from last night - I went swimming in the evening with a girl from church and David was putting baba to bed & doing the last feed with some expressed breast milk...however the milk was in two separate containers in the fridge and baba only got one lot hence not getting enough food and woke up at night hungry.

It's funny, even if Henrik doesn't wake up for a feed, I still wake up at the times he used to wake up thinking it's time to feed him and when I look in the moses basket he is happily snoozing away!

I asked the health visitor to measure his height yesterday and he was 59cm which is bang in the middle of the percentile charts. He weighed 9lb and 4 oz (4.3kg I think). Some of the new born baby clothes are starting to be a bit small for him too, especially the sleeves on long sleeved vests come half way up his arms. And he has the cutest little baby fat ripples on his legs, when he was born his legs were like rope with knot (knee) so he is fattening up very nicely :)

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