Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Shopping & Car Parks

Well we ventured into the supermarket, as a family, no longer is this a straight forward as it may seem. First we have to feed Henrik, then dress him in an outdoor suit, then put him in the car and finally we are off. We arrive at the car park and I hear this cry of excitement from the passenger seat, "We can park in the bays for people with young children" ! And so we proceed to parking right outside the front entrance, of what joy. We then did our shopping, one carrying Henrik in the baby björn, what fun, the other doing the majority of the shopping. It was quite clumsy picking items off the shelves with a big lump in front of you. I do sympathize with large pregnant women, paying was quite interesting as I couldn't see to type my pin number. There is of course the advantage of shopping with a tiny one, of all the adoring comments of "Ahh so cute". How proud we are of little Henrik.

Well life seems to be settling down, Henrik is feeding much more regular, we are getting a reasonable amount of sleep (Most nights). Being back at work is a little strange, but I seem to be getting back into the swing of things. It's funny, the birth of Henrik had been quite a focus and now he's here and life is getting into some kind of routine it does feel kind-of strange. Life is still really busy though, and is going to remain busy for the next month. Weddings all over the country, people coming to stay and then it will be just the three of us.


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The Lindseys said...

It was highly exiting - parking at those people with young children parking spaces...literally as close to the front door of the supermarket as possible. I could never see the point of these parking spaces before but now it's a different story...
L ;)