Saturday, October 27, 2007

Shopping again

We ventured into town again today. First time by the metro. Henrik behaved in an exemplary manner. Our tour of the town included trip to Marks and Spencer's to buy a little outfit for Henrik, then to John Lewis to get couple of more baby things, muslins, grobag and a baby toy with a mirror that we are planning to fix into the car so we can see his face without having to twist ourselves into an awfully awkward positions. We also discovered that John Lewis is brilliant for babies in a practical point of view...They have a parental room where you can change nappies and feed the babies. 

We had a lovely lunch in a cafe flatbread which was the name says served flatbread with little dips and things. It was delicious and Henrik slept all the way through it. It was brilliant, really really yammy, healthy and freshly prepared. 

We also ventured to the Christian bookshops in effort to try to replace a bible Moses chewed. When we were in Canada we bought this nice leather cover and a bible to go with it for David. Moses had a bit of a bored moment last week and chewed the bible. The cover survived. And we realised it was not that easy to find a bible to fit the covers, especially if you want it with concordance and cross referenced especially if the original one was bought in Canada where they use funny size paper anyway (A4 does not exist in Canada)!

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