Friday, October 12, 2007

The night of one feed

After keeping us awake on quite a few nights between his feeds Henrik only woke up once last night for a feed at 3.30am and went back to sleep beautifully after that. It was amazing feeling having had 5.5 hours of solid sleep without interruptions. It was also nice waking up and actually feeling awake rather than exhausted like you'd just finished running a marathon.

Henrik is 4 weeks old today which is amazing, it doesn't really feel like that long at all but then on the other hand you can't really remember what it was like without him :) I am off to another mums and toddlers group today with my Finnish friend Paula and her son Nathan, hopefully Henrik will be a bit more interested this time than on Wednesday when he slept through the whole thing!

The other excitement today is a pink party Andrea is organising at church tonight to raise money for cancer research. The idea is to have all things pink there, were something pink and eat all things pink. Henrik has the honour of being the only male allowed to come and I think he is not expected to wear anything pink either ;)

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