Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Suit

I had a nasty shock recently, the suit I bought 10 years ago, the suit that I needed a belt for, had suddenly become rather tight around my waste. I think the last time I had worn it was for my job interview. All the free toast and lunch I have been having at work has had an adverse affect on my waste. So I have decided to do something about it, I will not be fat and overweight while I'm still young. 

So the car needed to have its MOT and required some work doing to it. I don't think I've ever had an MOT test and the car passed first time, it come of driving older cars. So the car was over night in the garage and I was forced into cycling. And that's when I discovered that cycling to work could be done. I've been cycling to work for a week now and it has been quite good really. There are showers at work and in the last couple of day I found a route that avoids and the massive killer hill so my journey is a little more relaxed. My enthusiasm may dwindle some what has the rain starts but at the moment the weathers been good. The only thing now is I need some lights on my bike as the days are drawing in.

I have joined the David Cameron club of doing good to the environment, lowering my carbon footprint. My cycle ride is about 5 miles, so hopefully I'll get a bit leaner and fitter and I'll fit into my suit with a little more ease and comfort.

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Anonymous said...

But at least you haven't got a guy in a car following you with your briefcase as David Cameron did at some point ;)
L x